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Inextran Language Consultants

We make your business gain more revenue at a glance

Expanding Internationally Starts with Provided Proper Communication through Language Services:!


Professional translators and interpretes contribute with linguistic, cultural and subject matter expertise to transfer your content, so you can meet your communication needs.


Help companies optimazing communication and measuring the impact of language strategies upon performance in a global environment.


Adaptation of website contents into the cultural context of people who speak other languages.


Inextran Language Consultants serve the needs of supplying qualified teachers to educational institutions, individuals and companies.

Contents we translate

With translators restricted to sector-specialised, highly qualified linguists, professional project managers and cutting-edge language technologies, we offer best accuracy on all text types of translated contents for highly regulated industries:

  • Technical manuals, scientific literature, regulatory documents, training materials, website localization, etc.
  • Manufacturing surgical instruments & engineering articles, legal & contractual documents, etc.
  • Device instructions, products packaging & labelling, reports, research articles, patient & clinical files, etc.
  • Educational & training guides, print & digital marketing, brochures, press releases, etc.

Trusted translation expertise

With deep experience and domain expertise, Inextran Language Consultants has been a trusted provider of language solutions since 2003. Based on our professionalism, we work towards becoming a trusted voice in the industry.

The demanding field of medical translation is where Inextran Language Consultants' expertise really comes to the fore. Our expert translators and enabling technologies are cornerstones to delivering efficient and effective language services. We help the industry define best practices and identify the best means to achieve the right solutions for defined quality, time and budget requirements.


High Quality at Low Rates

Cutting-edge technologies allow us to deliver top-notch human, fast and high quality translation at the most competitive rate.

Prices depend on several factors: number of words, difficulty, format in which the text is provided, urgency, time in which the translation must be made and additional formatting tasks.


From $0.035 /word

  • Via email
  • 24/7 Service
  • Best for casual contents as internal messages, social media, user reviews, emails and letters.


From $0.045 /word

  • Via email
  • 24/7 Support
  • Best for content requiring specialized accuracy as presentations, reports, mobile apps, website localization.

Additional Services


  • Shipping via email
  • 24/7 Support
  • Desktop publishing and proofreading by a specialized translators and editors. Only available for customers with sales support.


Specialized contents by expert translators across several disciplines

technology & software
High-quality translation and localization services that will help companies communicate their message to global markets.


business & finance
Financial information needs to meet local laws and compliance regulations as an important part of any global organizations business strategy.


Marketing, SEO & Advertising
Marketing translation requires a special approach considering the cultural context of a campaign to promote the brand and fully engage the user with its messages.

Health & tourism & hospitality
People plan trips with companies they trust, which begins with communication. Publishing is everything, and everything must be in the preferred language of visitors.


Life sciences & medical translation
Translation of technical, regulatory, clinical or marketing documentation, software or training curriculum for the pharmaceutical, medical device or healthcare fields.


Food & pharmaceutical industry
Combines microbiology, applied physical sciences, chemistry and engineering for food and related industries that apply agricultural, mechanical and chemical engineering principles to food materials.
The legal world is built on accuracy. Legal matters can involve multiple languages, thousands of documents, and variables ranging from site restrictions to tight filing deadlines.
website translation & localization
It is the process of adapting a website into a different linguistic, technical and cultural contexts, involving much more than the simple translation of text.

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